The Usual Suspects

This is the place on the blog where I write about some of Bogart’s more regular collaborators and costars – actors, directors, writers, etc. – who worked with Bogart multiple times on some of cinema’s most famous films.  Dubbed The Usual Suspects, these posts could range from the smallest character actors to the largest of Hollywood stars.  Essentially – it’ll be anyone who strikes my fancy.

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Astor, Mary

Astor Bogart Maltese Falcon 3

Bacall, Lauren

Bacall Key Largo

Bacon, Lloyd (Director)


Brooks, Richard (Director)


Cagney, James

Bogart and Cagney

Curtiz, Michael (Director)


Davis, Bette

Dark Victory 2

Enright, Ray (Director)


Fox, Sidney

midnight 3

Greenstreet, Sydney

Greenstreet Casablanca

Hale, Alan

Hale Raft They Drive by Night

Hawks, Howard (Director)

Howard Hawks directs Humphrey Bogart (Morgan) and Marcel Dalio (Frenchy).

Howard, Leslie

       – The Inafferrabile Leslie Howard – An Interview with Site Host Ginevra Di Verdunohoward and bogart

Huston, John (Director)


Jenkins, Allen

Dead End Jenkins

Leslie, Joan


Lorre, Peter

   – Interview with Lorre biographer Stephen D. Youngkin and researcher Cheryl Morris


Lupino, Ida

Lupino Sierra2

MacLane, Barton


Maltese Falcon


Massey, Raymond

Massey Action in the North Atlantic

McHugh, Frank

Virginia city

Morley, Robert

Morley Beat the Devil 2

Morris, Wayne

Kid Galahad Morris

Mostel, Zero


O’Brien, Pat

San Quentin O'Brien

Pitts, Zasu

The Bad Sister - Zasu Pitts

Raft, George

They Drive By Night

Rains, Claude

Rains Casa

Ray, Nicholas (Director)


Robinson, Edward G.

Bogart Robinson Orchid 2

Sakall, S. Z.

Sawyer, Joe

Black Legion

Seiler, Lewis (Director)


Seymour, Dan


Sheridan, Ann

Ann Sheridan Black Legion

Sherman, Vincent (Director)


Sloane, Everett


Smith, Alexis


Tracy, Spencer


Travers, Henry

Henry Travers High Sierra

Trevor, Claire

Welden, Ben

top pic

Wilson, Dooley

Dooley Wilson Casablanca 2

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