The Bogie Rating System

So you need a Bogart Fix and you’re wondering which film should be your drug of choice to get it?  I’ve got a rating system that goes between 1/2 Bogie to 5 Bogies as explained below:

.5 Bogie
Ugh.  This is the cheap stuff.  Was Bogart even in this thing?  Must be just a cameo or one of the early B-movies that the he put to rest before taking charge!
1 Bogie
What were they thinking not using more Bogie in this film???  He was right there, folks!  Let him shine!  I guess it’s better than nothing if you need your fix though.
1.5 Bogie
This’ll just leave you with a taste for more Bogie.  A tease more than anything else!.
2 Bogie
It’s a smaller Bogie Fix, but maybe you’ll just have to watch two tonight.
2.5 Bogie
We’re getting a good solid glimpse of some Bogie potential here!  But a stronger fix would be even better!
3 Bogie
You’ve got a decent Bogie Fix here, but there could always be more!
3.5 Bogie
A very nice Bogie Fix.  This can satisfy your craving.
4 Bogie
This is a premium Bogie Fix and it will get the job done very well!
4.5 Bogie
A Little slice of heaven!  Almost a perfect Bogie Fix!
5 Bogie


This isn’t based on the quality of the overall movie, but a gut instinct on how incredibly awesome Bogie was in the film, and how much the movie will satisfy my Humphrey Bogart craving for the night.  Did he get good screen time?  Was he given a great character to explore?  Did he have the chance to show a range of emotions?  Was Lauren Bacall in the movie??? ( An automatic +1 Bogie in my book!)

Arbitrary?  Yes.  But it’s my system!

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