Radio Broadcast Reviews

I’d love to directly link/post the audio from all of these radio appearances right here on the blog, but it seems that “public domain” is a bit of a sticky issue when it comes to Old Time Radio. That being said, all of these broadcast are available through iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and numerous Old Time Radio podcasts! If you go looking, they’re not too hard to find!

Across the Pacific – 1943

The African Queen – 1952

Bullets or Ballots – 1939

Casablanca – 1943

Dead Man – 1945

The Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Show – 1943

The Friars Club Roast of Humphrey Bogart – 1955

Henry IV – 1937

High Sierra – 1946

If You Could Only Cook Screen Guild Theater – 1941

The Jack Benny Show – 1947

Love’s Lovely CounterfeitSuspense Radio Theater – 1948

Moontide – Lux Radio Theater – 1945

The Maltese Falcon The Screen Guild Theater, 1943

The Maltese Falcon – Academy Award Theater, 1946

Theater of Romance: One Way Passage 1945

The Pepsodent Show with Bob Hope – 1941

Stars in the Air Presents – The House on 92nd Street – 1952

To Have and Have Not – 1946

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre – 1949

The Valiant – Screen Guild Theater – 1945

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