I love classic movies.  I love all movies, really.

Yes, but why just Bogart films on this blog?

To me, no one sums up Classic Hollywood like Bogart.  He could do drama and comedy equally well.  He could play tough or thoughtful.  He could be the villain or the leading man.  And in some films, he did all of those things at the same time effortlessly.  I get in the mood for different directors or genres, but the only actor that I crave on a regular basis is Humphrey Bogart.

What’s with the Bogie Fix review thingy?

While I give my thoughts and opinions on the films, the Bogie Film Fix is not a review of the overall film, but a review of how satisfying of a fix you’ll get if you’re specifically looking for a good Bogart movie.  So a movie that I would consider pretty good, like Marked Woman, gets a low Bogie Film Fix score because Bogart’s part is smaller and not well developed by the writer/director.

One of the main incentives for me to start the blog was that on occasion I would want to get a good “Bogart fix,” but hadn’t seen all of his movies.  I wanted to know which movies Bogie was in, and how much room he was given to shine.  I’m also a bit of a completist, and I wanted to see all the Bogart films that I could.

How many Bogart films have you seen?

There are only two films out there – Body and Soul and A Devil with Women – that I really haven’t seen yet.  There are a few other small cameos I’m tracking down as well, but those are the two big ones I’m hoping will surface some day

Are you a writer?  Because I found a mistake / poorly written sentence!

Yes and no.  I went to school for writing and have even been published a few times, but this is my first attempt at movie reviewing / blogging.  So if you do find an error, either grammatically or factually – let me know and I’ll do my best to address it!

I also did not go to film school, so all the reviews and opinions are from a fan who’s seen A LOT of movies, but is, alas, untrained in the art of reviews!

What’s your favorite Bogart film?


What’s your favorite discovery after watching all of his available films?

I cannot say enough good things about All Through the Night.  It’s a gangster comedy film with Bogie Film Blog favorites Frank McHugh AND Peter Lorre!  I don’t know why this one’s not more well known!

You can send any and all questions to bogiefilmblog@gmail.com.  Or leave a comment on the website.

7 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I hope you branch out to other films other than Bogey on this blog. Even if it is still called The Bogie Film Blog, I think you could maybe review other films as well. Maybe call it The Bogie Film Blog Plus :). You sound like you love alotta classic films, why not branch out more? I would enjoy your take on other actors/actresses from the classic era. Just a thought.

    I made the mistake of going through every Cagney and Garfield film out there. Now I can never experience anything new with those two great actors. Take it from my experience, make the Bogey “fix” last as long as possible.

    • I appreciate it! And if I ever get through all of Bogart’s work, I’ve got a long list of other actors I’d love to do the same with! But I’m pretty jazzed about getting through all of Bogart’s available work! I’m gonna give it a shot! But, who knows? Maybe I’ll have to take a hiatus in the middle.

  2. Hi, do you know if the song, “As Time Goes By”, was EVER used in any other Bogie films besides Casablanca? I know prior to Casablanca it was used in two Broadway plays. I believe that it was only used in Casablanca and a friend insists otherwise. Thank you.

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