Deadline U.S.A. – Ashley’s Take!


*From the Bogie Film Blog – Okay, folks! I’m gonna drop you off in the middle of another one of Ashley’s posts! Loved this ‘Classic Bogie Moment’ that she pulls out! Then head over to her blog and finish this post, read her other posts, and find her on Twitter and her Letterboxd site! Thanks again, Ashley!*

The Humphrey Bogart Eyes moment happens when Bogart has dinner with his ex-wife, who he is still trying to convince to come back to him.


Nora shares with him her desire to be “enough” for someone. She knows she will never be enough for Hutcheson because he is constantly consumed by the paper. The second time he is pulled away from their dinner to answer an urgent phone call is proof enough for Nora, and she leaves the restaurant before he returns from his call. The look that Bogart’s eyes emote in the moment that he realizes he may have lost the last chance with his one true love is absolute perfection. Anyone that has ever suffered a broken heart knows that this Humphrey Bogart Eyes moment is a perfect illustration of the pain in his heart at that moment.

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*Ashley’s Take on Deadline U.S.A. is part of the “Take 2” section here at the blog where other voices from around the web add a little extra flavor to The Bogie Film Blog. You can check out other “Take 2” voice here.*

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