Suspense Radio Theater – Love’s Lovely Counterfeit – 1948


Honorary Radio Bogie Rating


The Lowdown

Based on the novel by James M. Cain, a wannabe racketeer (Bogart) helps rig a mayoral election so that he can win the girl (Laureen Tuttle) and take over the town’s nefarious activities.

What I Thought

The story suffers heavily from being abridged to the extreme. A few important subplots have been axed, the plot takes awhile to grasp, and character turns that might have been exciting, or at the very least intriguing, tend to fall flat.

I’ve heard that there’s a James Cagney version of the show. Perhaps it’s more interesting?

Totally skippable except for Bogart completists.

The Bogart Factor

Out to promote To Have and Have Not, the part of racketeer Benny Grace fits Bogart well in this story, unfortunately, the radio script is severely lacking.

Bogart gets to play Benny in the “gray” areas of life as he shifts between good, bad, and somewhat indifferent to his city and his girlfriend. According to reviews, the original novel suffered from an overly melodramatic ending, and Bogart seems saddled with the same problem here.

How exactly does the end make sense? I’m not sure. . . at all. There’s a wedding that exonerates one character from another character’s damning testimony . . . but that character soon dies . . . so how does that save the new spouse???

The Rest of the Cast

Laureen Tuttle plays June, Bogart’s love interest. To say that her part is underwritten would be a disservice to the word underwritten. The role is for plot advancement only.

The Bottom Line

One of the very few pieces of Bogart work that I’d probably say, “Don’t bother.”

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