The Bogart Film Affair

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In lieu of the typical blog post this week, we have a fun announcement from here at ‘The Bogie Film Blog’ headquarters. This week we’re kicking off the release of ‘The Bogart Film Affair,’ a bi-monthly (with occasional bonus episodes) podcast highlighting the films, costars, radio appearances, and directors from Bogart’s career. So, from this point forward, the blog will more than likely also go bi-monthly, switching back and forth between a blog post and a podcast each week.

Why a podcast you ask? That’s a valid question! To be honest, it was always an early dream when I started the blog to someday jump into the world of podcasting. I absolutely LOVE to read Classic Film blogs, but due to my two-job/family/travel schedules, I’m always a month or two behind on my blog subscriptions. I do, however, spend a lot of time in the car and occasionally on airplanes and I listen to hundreds of hours of podcasts a year.

There’s something very satisfying to me about listening to someone talk about one of my niche interests for awhile – especially the niche interests that most of my friends and family don’t share. It’s as if I get to have a conversation (albeit one-sided) with someone about a topic that I don’t get to talk about very often.

I’ve become very thankful for all of the blog followers, Twitter friends, interviewees, and email pals that I’ve built up since starting the blog, and I’m hoping that at least a few of them will enjoy a twice-a-month conversation with me on Bogart’s career.

This first episode focuses on All Through the Night, which was the first film I ever wrote up for the blog. It’s just under 25 minutes, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. If nothing else, you get to put a voice to the writing on this site, and you also get to laugh every time the heat ventalation kicks on and off in the background. The audio is not perfect, and it does improve upon further episodes, but it is on par or better than a few of the other podcasts I listen to.

For a few episodes, it’ll just be me talking – but I hope to get some real live guests on the show sooner than later! (Anybody want to do a live recording in which we sample Bogart’s soon-to-be-released gin?)

So take a listen. Subscribe if you’re kind enough. Leave a positive comment if you’re feeling especially generous. I hope to have as much fun and meet as many new people with the podcast as I have with the blog! Some of you Twitter folks who responded to my questions a few weeks ago also get a mention!

You can find ‘The Bogart Film Affair’ here on iTunes, or just by searching for the name.

You also find it here on

Have a great week!

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